Flour Dust is changing the way our neighbors eat pizza. Innovation, freshness and a true love of what it is to make a delectable pizza are things Flour Dust is excited to bring to Roseville’s table.

Our Pizzaiolo Mano knows pizza is so much more than dough and toppings. His desire went so far as to take it upon himself, with the help of his dad, to build his own pizza oven in his backyard. That became the first step toward Flour Dust Pizza – a much bigger dream. From there he went all the way to Florence, Italy, where he trained at the renowned Bivero Pizza Academy. After training was complete, Flour Dust Pizza Company was born and became a successful catering business. Our goal is to bring enticing flavors to Roseville – and to become something the community can be proud of.

Flour and sauce are essential parts of a good pizza. The quality of our pizza is grounded in the premium ingredients we use – San Marzano tomatoes and 00 Flour, which comes to us straight from Italy. With these ingredients we create a crust and sauce combination full of flavor and depth. The authenticity of our pizzas starts there and is complemented by other high-quality ingredients, resulting in mouthwatering flavors.

At Flour Dust Pizza, our staff is an extension of our family, and family always comes first. We believe happy employees make the best pizza and enrich the outstanding service we provide our customers. What better place to run our business than the family-focused city of Roseville! Just like this booming city, Flour Dust Pizza Company is always looking toward the future, and as we continue to grow, our culture of family and delicious pizza will always stay the same.

Welcome, from our family to yours.